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10 Manageable Tips when Dealing with Job Redundancy

10 Manageable Tips when Dealing with Job Redundancy
What do you do when you are told, “we are going to have to make you redundant”?

What do you do when you don’t have to wake at 7:30am anymore or enjoy the rush hour traffic and instead sit and home and watch day time TV all day?

It’s not a pleasant situation and can be embarrassing to tell your friends and family that you are losing your job. In most cases it will come out of the blue and suddenly you will be faced with an uncertain future.

Unless you have heaps of spare cash in your bank account or were secretly planning to leave anyway times like this can be very stressful.

With thousands affected by the downturn and big cuts in budgets, where can you turn too and what is your next step?

The First Step to Redundancy Recovery

Firstly you need to be aware of your rights. This is important and is in your own interest to move forward as quick as possible. This is a great starting point and if you work in a large organization, the HR department should have followed proper policy and protocol.

If you are part of a union, they will also be involved in the redundancy process. This is to ensure that employees’ best interests are looked after.

However, if you work for a smaller company it may be possible this won’t be the case. Sometimes redundancy programmes are rushed and not followed correctly. Corners might be cut especially when there pressures to reduce employees.

In this situation you need to ensure you are being fairly treated. Check you have been given proper notice of your redundancy and the employer explains everything clearly about what is going to happen.

Getting Help

Find out where to get help. If you have a HR department, use it! If not and you require extra help or the situation becomes uncomfortable seek external help (free services are available).

Also your union (if you have one) will be highly beneficial this time.

Negotiate The Best Deal

Depending on how long you have been employed, where you stand within the company and reason for redundancy, there is always possible scope for negotiation. You may be asked to stay on for a temporary basis. If this is the case ensure your contract is re-written to explain your new benefits, salary, notice period etc if this is the case.

If you are doing the same role but only for a limited time this may not be required but may open the possibility for a nice redundancy bonus or at least pay the bills for an extra few weeks.

Ask for Career Support

Find out from your current employer if they offer or are willing to offer career support. Your employer isn’t formally obliged to offer this service but some may feel they have a moral obligation to help.

Ask your HR manager or Trade Union about this programme (commonly called outplacement programme) as every organisation takes a different approach. Take any help they offer as this can greatly help you fast track yourself into your next job.

What to do if no Support is Available?

If your company is unable to offer a programme you may have to accept that cost cutting and the economic downturn are the reason for your redundancy and subsequently funds are not available. Hiring a Career Coach may help you in this situation. A Career Coach will keep you focused and motivated whilst mainly offering great advice during this difficult time. You need to decide if you wish to fast track to another career or just looking for another job in your sector.

Using a Career Coach can help you in areas that suit for needs, from CV writing, interview skills even exploring new career changes.

Turn the Negative into a Positive

Make this event an opportunity. Having the wrong mindset of isn’t going to help. You need to remember it’s in most cases down to the economic climate and company cut backs. Therefore it’s out of your control and doesn’t reflect on you or your current job performance.

Take advantage of the situation and take a step back to review where your career is heading and check it’s heading in the right direction. If not this could be a good opportunity to find a new venture – something you have always wanted to do, it doesn’t have to be job related.

Maybe you wanted to travel the world? Why not take advantage and do it now, it’s never been the right time.

Reflect, and then move on!

We are all human and when redundancy strikes it will be upsetting. It can affect people in different ways especially if it comes as a shock. It’s likely from that point on your future may be very unclear and this may this could lead to feeling upset and concerned.

Try and change your mindset, talk to someone and get it off your chest. Move on as quickly as possible and use this time as a learning experience in case you have to deal with it again in the future. Counseling might be another option if you’re finding it hard, which employers may provide.

Make Sure you are Financially Secure

Make sure you have enough money to pay bills. If you haven’t got the money you can’t spend it. Getting used to not having a monthly income may be hard to adjust too and to help, make sure you have friends and family members around to help if needed (both fanatically and emotionally).

If you know someone who has been through it before ask them for advice. You can seek professional help, these services are confidential and trustworthy.

It may help finding exactly how much money you have saved and how much you will receive from your current employer before moving onto your next step. You need to plan how long the money will last you and if you need a plan in place if you hit that bridge when it all runs out.

Work out what your monthly outgoings are and subtract that from your overall finance balance. If you are fortunate to have a good redundancy package, this could offer you with more financial freedom then you had before!

Investigate your Networks

Another new method of opportunity comes from social networks. Find out from your Twitter followers or Facebook friends if there are any new job opens in their companies.

The impact on social media has provided people with a wealth of options to network with anyone. Hook up with old colleagues and find out if there are any jobs going.

This is the time!

Stop and think what you want to do from here. This is the best opportunity to do so and gives you the time to re-evaluate your life, but only if you need to.

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10 Manageable Tips when Dealing with Job Redundancy
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