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Securing Jobs in Retail | Career Advice and Guidance from Jobs River

Securing Jobs in Retail | Career Advice and Guidance from Jobs River
The retail sector is one of the biggest employers in the UK, with over 3 million people working in thousands of stores up and down the country.

But during this economic downturn and shops disappearing every day, how can you still find and secure jobs in this market and is there still hope in retail?

From part-time to Managing Director

One of the best ways to get into the retail sector is by starting out working at weekends as a part-time staff member. Unlike the standard working week, shops hardly ever closed. This, therefore, works in your favor, as more shifts and job opportunities become available. Gaining this experience is near, if not more important than qualifications on your CV.

Imagine if you were severed by someone who lacked the basic communication skills, as a customer would feel uncomfortable and unlikely to return to the store.

Employers strive to find ways in which you have previously worked with customers so they can feel that you would be right for their business. Whether that’s face-to-face contact or on the phone, dealing with customers is a vital part of any retail business.

My retail career path

One of the advantages of the retail sector is that it has one of the clearest career paths. It can be easy to establish how to climb the ladder within a company even if you are new to the business.

A typical career path could see you starting out as a customer assistant, after a few years working towards becoming a team leader. Working hard could see yourself becoming store manager where you could be heading up to head office as area manager or regional manager.

Customers are key

Working in the retail sector means at some point you will be working with customers. Even if you’re working off the shop floor, customer contact is something you cannot go without.

Showing employers that you have encountered various customer-related challenges, and have overcome them professionally and correctly, this will go a long way securing that job! Try to show your understand of the company’s customer base and the type of people who walk through the shop doors.

Understanding the basics will help, for example, who might be a typical customer. Does it include both male and female, are the customers of similar age or location?

It all about doing homework and researching the company you are applying to. Find out what they do, what sort of products and services they offer and how many stores they have in the area or nationwide.

Having some of this information means you are able to be engaged with the company when you come to the interview stages. Obtaining this information is easy and free.

Visiting the company website or picking in-store catalogs can provide you with the information and knowledge you need to show the employer you are keen about the job they have to offer.

The retail sector has a lot to offer and there are many different types of roles out there, it’s all about seizing the opportunities and of course working hard!

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Securing Jobs in Retail | Career Advice and Guidance from Jobs River
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