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The correct way to deal with an unwanted job promotion

The correct way to deal with an unwanted job promotion
When you are called into the boss’ office thinking you have done something wrong, to be then told your work is great and to be offered a promotion your natural reaction is to be flattered, but what do you do when this new job role wasn’t what you are looking for?

Is my Job going in the wrong direction?

You may have a clear picture in your mind what you what to do and achieve. You may be hoping for a promotion in a different department or different type of job. It is also possible that you don’t want a promotion at all.

You like the current people you work with and the daily work you have to do you could happily do for longer.

What happens if I turn down this promotion now, will I get another chance again?
Will it affect my further at my company?

Saying no, but make sure you mean it

In most cases a promotion is a good thing, a good step in the right direction. It can help pave the way to a more comfortable life for yourself and family. There are many benefits associated including increases in salary, responsibility, possible improved working hours and extra holidays but on the flip slide it’s not always a good thing.

Maybe you may be asked to relocate or your working hours may be adjusted putting a strange on your family time, for example extra hours, meetings or having to work late or at weekends. Whatever your reasons for not accepting a promotion, saying no is the most direct option. You need to ensure before saying no that you know exactly what the new job entails.

Saying no without talking through the new position can be an issue for the company as it will seem you’re not interested in the company or your career at all. If you don’t have a good reason they will take offense.

Think of the bigger picture

In some cases there might be a clear reason why you have been offered a promotion. May be your current job is under threat and a promotion is the only way to move forward.

Also if you are succeeding well in your current job, your employer may not be keen to see you to do the same thing indefinitely. May be they wish to move you into a more challenging role out of your comfort zone, where they know you will drive the company forward.

Most companies are ambition and if they are presented with high performing employees and skilled staff, they will do everything they can to retain those people. The war for talent is a strong one, companies are always on the look out to head hunt talented people and bring them into their workforce. Having the best people in the market naturally makes you stand better then competitors.

In bigger ambitious organizations there may not be place for self-satisfied employees who want to stay exactly in the same position or wait only for a particular promotion or job.

This will sooner or later impact negatively on your career and could mean that you should be suited in a static and smaller company.

Become Valuable

If you turn down a promotion just because you think it looks unsatisfactory or might be an inconvenience, that isn’t a good idea. When the economy is in good standing and jobs are flowing well and are easy to come by turning down a promotion is okay, but if budget and departmental cuts are happening around you, it is time to make yourself more valuable, flexible and productive.

That means turning down a promotion for your own personal conveniences is going to make you less valuable, flexible and certainly less of a team/company player.

It also means that someone else next time around might be considered for a role before you and it is possible that could have been the role you had been waiting for.

What is the best option?

The best option is to at least meet your employer half way. Express your concerns as they may be able to help. It could be possible you don’t have the skills, for example managing a small team.

Most employers will be happy to help and send you off for extra training ready or during the role. Your employer wouldn’t choose you if they didn’t think you could do it.

Explain your career goals and how you wanted to progress in the company. It could be they misunderstood how you wanted to progress and realize that you could be better suited elsewhere.

If you are still unsure, you could take it on a temporary basis. This shows you are a team player and willing to give it a go without striking off the promotion straight away.

You never know you might like it and be pleased you took it after all.

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The correct way to deal with an unwanted job promotion
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