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The Ultimate Guide to Common Interview Questions

The Ultimate Guide to Common Interview Questions
When you are attending an interview the employer will ask you various questions to gain a better understanding of your personality and if you are right for the job.

Why not be one step ahead and prepare some answers to the common interview questions which you are likely to face?

Biographical Interview Questions

These types of questions vary, but essentially are trying to establish what you are like as a person. Typical questions may include;
  •     Tell me about yourself?
  •     How would friends and family describe you?
  •     Why did you apply for this job?
  •     Why are you leaving your current job?
  •     Where do you see yourself in five years time?
  •     What are you strengths/weaknesses?
  •     Why should we hire you?
  •     What are your salary expectations?
  •     What other jobs have you applied for?
  •     Why did you choose this career?

Competency based Interview questions

These questions are used to find out if you’re right for the job. The employer wants to see examples of how you have demonstrated your skill, professionalism or problem solving within your current job or education course. Some examples may include;

Give me an example of when you…
  •     used your initiative without asking for help?
  •     you managed a stressful task or pressurized situation, for example sales pitch/course deadlines or dispute within a team?
  •     worked with an unpopular or difficult decision?
  •     delivered results?
  •     addressed areas of poor performance?
  •     managed client/company expectations?
  •     voiced your opinion about a decision you disliked?

Stress Test and Difficult Interview Questions

Some employers may try to catch you out by asked a question which you are unprepared for. The idea behind this is to put you out for your comfort zone and see how you respond to an unfamiliar atmosphere.

This can help the employer establish if your right for the job, as you are unlike to reply with a textbook answer. Some off putting questions may include;
  •     Won’t you get bored working here?
  •     Your CV seems like you are too over/under qualified?
  •     You seem to have a few employment gaps in your CV, why is that?
  •     How do you feel this interview is going so far?
  •     What is the biggest mistake you have ever made?

Typical Questions you can ask the at an Interview

You should always ask some questions of your own at the end of your interview. Failing to do so gives the impression you are not interested in the company and what they have to offer.

You should ask at least two questions and can range from the role you would be doing or how the company operates. Also making the employer picture yourself in their company can help you secure the job. Some questions you could ask are;
  •     How is the company doing during the recession?
  •     What would my typical day involve?
  •     Referring to a new technology, you could ask how the company is planning to use or adopt it?
  •     How will my performance be monitored?
  •     Would there be a chance to travel?
Before your interview, if a friend or family member runs though some questions, you will be amazed how your confidence levels will increase once you are in full swing.

Remember act professional and relax and don’t let them do all the talking!

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The Ultimate Guide to Common Interview Questions
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