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By using this site and services available you accept the following terms and conditions.

Use of the site
The terms and conditions for this site are in accordance with English law. The information and the services provide on this site are for individuals searching for career information and employment opportunities. Also it includes employers who are seeking to recruit staff or on behalf of other companies. You may download, print and using information found on this site for that purpose only and cannot use this information for commercial or non personal use. Therefore you may not coy, display, transmit or distribute any materials found on this site.

Employment Agencies and Employment Business Regulations 2003
Under this act, both parties (job seekers and recruiters) must be aware this job board only operates as a middle man. This means we connect both parties together by the means of adverts placed by the recruiter and found and applied for by job seekers. Therefore we cannot obtain information for the recruiters or job seeker and vice versa for that role/person. This means we cannot confirm if the job seeker has the necessary qualifications/experience/training for the role and that recruiters are aware of the legal recruitment requirements when taking new staff. For example working permits and/or suitable to work in that sector and/or the job seeker is suitable for the role. The recruiter is responsible for the recruitment process and who they select for the role. We only advertise jobs and do not get involved in the recruitment process.

It's important if you are a job seeker to check the identity of the recruiter and its business(es). You should check the start date and the duration of the role. You should check the type of work you will be doing, location, hours, health and safety risks, experience/training/qualifications required and if you are legally allowed to work in that country, sector, business, local area. You must ensure you are legally allowed to work in that country before applying to any role.

It's important for a recruiter to check the job seeker has the correct experience, training, qualifications and authorisation by law to work in your company, the country and that sector. You are required by law to ensure the job seeker taking up your job role is legally allowed to do so. Also you need to make sure that the person has the required qualifications for that profession. This includes if working with vulnerable people or children and should check relevant legal copies of paper work that confirm they are legally allowed to work with those people. References from people who are not relatives should be taken along with a criminal records checks. We accept no liability for any loss. Some roles maybe outside of the Economic European Area. Please check before you apply.

Advertisements contains on this site are provided by prospective employers and their agents. It's important to note we do not review the adverts that can be found on this site. We cannot be held responsible for any content/links that is published in those adverts and therefore cannot be held liable. If you deem an advert to break any of our rules or to be inappropriate, please contact us.

The services and information provided are to assist in the job seeking and recruitment process. We aim to ensure our servers, web server and application are available and accessible. We cannot held responsible for any service interruptions, delays, service downtime, however caused. We may alter the design and/or spec of the site at any time.

Searching for job roles on this site is free. To advise there costs and we use PayPal to handle all payment transactions. PayPal uses industry security to ensure your data is protected and is possible to use PayPal without having an account.

Recruiter Terms and Conditions

    Recruiter: Person or company who places adverts on this site
    Customer (job/work seeker): People who search and apply to recruiter job adverts
    Us: This site. Job board displaying the job adverts to customers placed by recruiters

Prices for advertising on this site vary. We have the right to change the prices at any time. Vouchers and discounts are confidential to that person/company and may not be disclosed to the public.

All job adverts remain on the site for 28 days (unless others specified). The recruiter has the option to close and end the job advert at any time. This is common in cases where the job position has already been filled. Once the job has been requested or removed by the recruiter the advert is completely deleted. You therefore cannot recover this advert and may be subject to re-payment if you wish the job to be placed on the site again. It is free to remove your job at any time before the 28 day expiry date and early cancellation will not result in any refund. Any extension of the standard 28day posting will be charged to the customer. Each job is identified by its ID number. We cannot guarantee the system accuracy of 28 days. The customer is required to pay upfront before posting a job (unless agreed in contract, P.O. or credit note). The customer is responsible for payment of any unused or any job adverts that attract no applications/views.

We reserve the right to cancel and job post if: - required by law - requested by the customer, in writing - contains inappropriate material/content/images/links - advertises an inappropriate role - in breach of our terms and conditions - company goes into liquidation

Adverts normally go live immediately after the payment process has been completed. We cannot be held responsible if there is a delay in such advert going live nor if the site admits decided advert review is required. If the payment process hasn't been completed then the advert will not go live. Once the job is live it will be searchable to job seekers and present in your dashboard (when logged in). We stress to recruiters they we cannot guarantee your advert will get applications from job seekers or viewing hits. If your advert is unsuccessful we cannot offer a refund. We also cannot guarantee your advert will appear in the search results 'at the top' or on a suitable page. We cannot guarantee job seekers who apply for your adverts will be suitable and/or the correct qualifications and personal characteristics. We stress we carry out no prior checks on candidates and this is your responsibility. Please be aware job seekers are available to customise their searching experience. Adverts placed must be genuine and you cannot advertise products or services or unrelated topics. This also includes business opportunities.

Adverts should not discriminate on grounds of sex, race or disability and may result in legal proceedings and removal of the advert. You accept responsibility for adverts placed and any legal proceedings that may follow.

All links from adverts are the responsibility of their owners. No defamatory or illegal sites are to be linked and they must be relevant to the job advert.

Vacancies you post on this site are exclusive to this domain and we do not share this information with any other people or companies. From time to time we may advertise your posting on Twitter using our official Twitter account. This may include posting a link from our Twitter account to the advert that is hosted on our site. This link will be visible to our followers and anyone who visits/searches our page/tweets. We use our channel as a way to help promote your advert and is not used in your recruitment process. We do not post all job adverts on Twitter. Your advert may also get indexed by search engines which may appear on their site (external links to us). Also we may from time to time post adverts on our official Facebook page. The same rules apply as Twitter when posting on Facebook. It is also likely if using a job agency that your advert appears on multiple sites.

We recommend you enable JavaScript, Cookies and use the latest operating system and browser.

Database rights and other copyright material belong to this site. You accept you do not acquire any rights to the database or this site. You may not supply, sell and license material or candidate information including coping. You must comply with the Data Protection Act at all times.

We cannot guarantee that the content on this site, dates or prices are accurate, although we try hard to ensure this.

User Accounts including email addresses and passwords are to be used for that person only. We do not allowed any unauthorised person(s) to access accounts which that don't have access too. All user accounts are protected by a password. Gaining access via a valid email address and password are the only permitted ways to access your account.